Floating Tube Man



The Floating Tube Man (or "tall boy" or "air dancer") was designed by Peter Minshall as a commission for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, the long-armed, long-legged plastic tubes have become a ubiquitous staple of the highway driving marketplace, meant to attract attention in the pursuit of the sale. This sculpture takes this exuberant object as a point of departure, seeking opportunities for opacity, respite, or phenomenological resistance for a performer chained to a ceaseless motor fan.

Presented at Malleable Forms: Define Abolition

Harvard University. November 6, 2019.

An ambitious 6 hour-long participatory presentation including talks, film screenings, performances as well as group activities in storytelling, movement, and sound. Guided by renowned multidisciplinary artist Xaviera Simmons, the showcase engaged questions of systemic rupture and carceral justice, the undoing of “whiteness” in its many forms, as well the implementation of reparations to the descendants of American slavery as one of the ultimate systemic shifts that can occur in the American project.